Are you developing a new product for your customers but are concerned about design or manufacturing challenges? Or, have you started but want to enhance your aerospace, medical device, industrial, or IoT product offering to attract more customers who have ever-evolving expectations?
How would a fresh, impartial viewpoint on how to grow revenue or reduce cost improve financial performance? And, in what ways would rapidly prototyping before launching your products into production reduce risk?

We constantly hear clients worry about having too many parties involved in product strategy, design, manufacturing, and verification. They want a single point of contact to be held accountable and deliver. It shouldn’t be made that hard for them. But, luckily, there is a choice.

We are an electronics design & software development consulting company that follows three fundamental steps to identify an improvement area and develop the right solution with you.

First, we must identify the why. Fully understanding the problem (and opportunity) is critical. We’ll also provide suggestions wherever applicable.

Next, we build the technical solution. We’ll share with you snapshots and updates throughout the design and manufacturing stages to incorporate your feedback.

Lastly, you evaluate the result of our delivered solution. You don’t pay anything until it’s just right.

And, we believe that initial consultations should always be free. Feel free to fill out the form in the Contact Us section and we’ll see how we can work together.

Some of our delivered products (with permission to post images):

  • Cellular-based gateway
  • Light-weight Pump Motor Driver
  • Electric Pump Motor Driver
  • Autonomous Window Washing System
  • Biotech R&D Equipment

Safety Critical Software Design Testimonial

It’s been our true pleasure working with Simplonics on a recent space project employing DO-178C. Simplonics proved highly capable at the entire combination of Systems, Design, and Software Development – a rare talent to so capably cover all three areas of the development lifecycle and we look forward to a continued working relationship!

Vance Hilderman - CEO