Fundamentally, we are all about helping you achieve the most with your product. To help you on your most important tasks and focus on your vision, we can take on extending the capability and value offering of your products. Below are example services we currently provide (but are not limited to) for various clients in ubiquitous industries, such as home appliance automation, medical, retail, and robotics.

1). Design Service –  Design a way to provide additional capability, such as wireless, to your product. We could develop different designs of increasing complexity.

          1.1. Schematic PCB Design Service.

           1.2. PCB Layout Service

           1.3. Software Development

2). Fabrication, Assembly, & Simulation Service

           2.1. We can build your new product to life and deliver it to you!

           2.2. To reduce your cost, we can perform early fabrication & design verification.

           2.3. We could develop software to simulate portions of your most expensive product’s elements for testing purposes to significantly reduce your short and long term product development costs.

3). Full Connected System Integration Service – Connect your data and send for remote viewing and/or automatic data archiving

           3.1 System-on-Chip/Microcontroller Programming – We can choose a SoC for interfacing with your system to connect to the internet and transmit the data you really care about to you.

           3.2. Server/Network System Programming – Develop a server that you can access easily to receive and process as much of your products’ useful data as possible.

4). Mobile Application Development Service – Develop next generation mobile applications tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in increasing the value of your product in this way, please let us know – We would love to venture into interesting projects with you!

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