About Us

About Us

Our company is all about helping you achieve the most with your products. We provide electronic system consulting services, including software development and circuit design, to our customers. As always, our customers compete and innovate to make the best of their vision.

Along their journey, they face unexpected development complexities and costs accumulation. They begin looking for vendors to help them cross the finish line. But, along the way, there’s a problem.

We’ve heard our customers tell us horror stories about ex-vendors who delivered defective systems, resulting in literal fires, hack-able software, and other issues. We’ve worked to help companies out of these problematic situations.

Fortunately, this situation can be avoided in the first place. And, we do it by taking special care to only deliver the finest quality systems. Our focus is our customers and theirs as well. We work not only with our hearts, but also our conscience.

From delivering products including those for research institutions as well as autonomous systems companies, we have the technical expertise to add even more value to your products.

Located close to Seattle, we at Simplonics believe in you as well as our ability to help contribute to your vision.

Let’s have a conversation to see what is possible together.